Understand how proper alignment of actions in planning, scheduling, and management control significantly improve the ability to deliver projects on-time, in-scope, and in-budget

This two-day workshop, based on the book Hanging Fire, by Jeff Cox, Dale Houle, and Hugh Cole, is designed for individuals and leadership teams that want to gain a better understanding of TOC Critical Chain Portfolio Management (CCPM) and how planning, scheduling, synchronization, management control, and alignment of actions work together to deliver projects on-time, in-scope, and in-budget.

The objective of the Hanging Fire Workshop is to help leaders understand how almost subtle changes in their thinking and approach to projects can result in a transformation in results. Using a mixture of lecture, discussion, and simulation, this workshop examines project management as an operational strategy designed and executed to achieve an overall business strategy. Fundamentally, managing workflows as “projects” is an alternative to managing workflows as “production.” These differences, as well as the differences between TOC CCPM and other project management approaches, will be discussed. We will look into the process of formulating, deploying, and maintaining control of project schedules within and across portfolios of projects aimed at delivering the “big three” – on-time, in-scope, and in-budget.

In addition to the above, the workshop will:

  • Explore the key elements of project complexity and uncertainty; namely task dependency, shared resources, task variability, and the interaction between them;
  • Discuss the importance and means of making visible the cumulative effects of the interaction of dependency and variability at the task and resource level; and
  • Identify the changes in Performance Measures, Operational Understanding, and Decision Support that are required to align and enable the necessary Actions to ensure predictable delivery of the desire Outcomes – the “big three.”


Who Should Attend

Senior leaders and leaders from all business functions whose primary business is project-managed, such as

  • MRO, Product Design (Engineering), Fabrication or Construction, etc.

Senior Leaders and leaders whose functional area of responsibility included projects, such as:

  • Marketing, Product Design (Engineering), Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, or IT/IS

Senior Leaders and leaders whose functional area of responsibility supports or enables projects, such as:

  • Finance, Sales, Marketing, Product Design (Engineering), Maintenance, Procurement (Purchasing), Continuous Improvement (CI), or IT/IS

Anyone working in Finance or IT/IS whose responsibilities include Decision Support Requirements definition and/or programming oversight


Required Reading
Hanging Fire: Achieving Predictable Results in an Uncertain World
It is also recommended that you read Critical Chain

US$1,600 per seat

2017 Open Dates in Milford, CT USA
March 6-7 - FULL
May 8-9
July 17-18 - FULL
September 18-19 - FULL
November 13-14 - FULL
December 4-5 - FULL

2018 Open Dates in Milford, CT USA
March 26-27
May 7-8
July 16-17
September 17-18
December 3-4

2017 Open Dates in Penang MALAYSIA
For more information or to register for classes in Malaysia, email international@goldratt.com.
March 20-21
May 22-23
July 24-25
September 25-26
November 20-21

2018 Open Dates in Penang MALAYSIA
For more information or to register for classes in Malaysia, email international@goldratt.com.
January 15-16
April 16-17
July 16-17
October 18-19



Cancellation Policy
Our workshops are designed to cater to a limited number of participants. If you must cancel a workshop registration, you will be given a full refund up to two weeks before the workshop. A cancellation occurring within two weeks of the workshop will be subjected to a US$350 cancellation fee, unless participant reschedules at that time into another workshop. Attendee substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of the workshop. To cancel a workshop registration, please call AGI at 203.624.9026