An original, flagship education offering of AGI – Goldratt Institute, the Jonah Program® has evolved significantly over the last 25 years.  The evolution has been based on new understandings and application-based learnings, with the objective of making it a process that individuals and leadership teams could more easily learn and use to achieve their goals.

We consider our most recent upgrade to the Jonah Program® to be a real breakthrough in this effort. Going back to our roots, we asked why people want to attend the Jonah Program®. Most said they would like to be able to think like Jonah – the character in The Goal who was able to help Alex develop “common-sense” solutions to address his problems. To think in that manner would help most every individual and leadership team to ask better questions and develop better, more actionable answers.

In The Goal, Jonah REALLY understood his subject matter. He knew the underlying principles that drive results in a production environment. He understood how dependency and variation interact to create the typical – probably too typical – outcomes. He knew how to explain this in ways that made it look like “common sense,” and he was able to use that understanding to lead a management team by asking the right questions.

With what he understood about the Rules of Engagement, Jonah could not only expose how the current Rules used by Alex’s management team were producing their performance problems, but what the new Rules would be to achieve their performance objectives. This enabled him to lead them through the transition from current state to future state.

This is exactly where the AGI – Goldratt Institute’s Jonah Program® begins. Participants will understand the Rules of Engagement, not only for Production Management, but also for Project Management and Inventory Management. This understanding will then be used in combination with the two constructs of logical thinking – causality and necessity – to derive the connections between business function actions and business performance outcomes, thereby creating the ability to think and communicate like Jonah. The result will be a formidable advantage for any individual, leadership team, or organization.

With more than 30 years of education and evolutionary experience, AGI – Goldratt Institute is proud to make available the most advanced Jonah Program® since the character first appeared in The Goal.

It is a combination of two workshops:

  • the Hanging Fire Expanded Workshop (3 days), which provides the Rules of Engagement Jonah used when considering Production Management, Project Management, and Inventory Management, and
  •  the Executive Decision Making Workshop (2 days), which provides the ability to effectively connect Actions to Outcomes with identifiable sustainment factors, across all business functions

Configured as a five-day workshop, the Jonah Program® is designed for individuals and leadership teams that want to be more effective at analyzing current-state realities and defining future-state scenarios.

For more information on the specifics of the Hanging Fire Expanded Workshop and the Executive Decision Making Workshop, please see the corresponding descriptions.


Who Should Attend

Senior leaders and leaders from all business functions whose primary business function – the one that provides the primary conversion to what customers buy – utilizes:

  • A project-managed (CCPM) type of workflow, such as MRO, Product Design (Engineering), Fabrication, or Construction
  • A production-managed (DBR) type of workflow, such as Production, Manufacturing, Repair or Logistics, whether Make-To-Order or Make-To-Stock
  • An inventory-managed (Replenishment) type of workflow, such as Wholesale, Retail, or Supply Chain

Senior leaders and leaders whose functional area of responsibility utilizes:

  • A project-managed (CCPM) type of workflow, such as Marketing, Product Design (Engineering), Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, or IT/IS

Senior leaders and leaders whose functional area of responsibility supports or enables:

  • A project-managed (CCPM) type of workflow, a production-managed (DBR) type of workflow, or an inventory-managed (Replenishment) type of workflow, such as Finance (Scorekeeper), Sales, Marketing, Product Design (Engineering), Maintenance, Procurement (Purchasing), Continuous Improvement (CI) or IT/IS

Anyone working in Finance or IT/IS whose responsibilities include Decision Support Requirements definition and/or programming oversight

Anyone working in Continuous Improvement (CI) at an organizational level, not just a process improvement level, whose responsibilities include Decision Support at a leadership level and/or CI oversight at an organizational level


Required Reading
Hanging Fire: Achieving Predictable Results in an Uncertain World
The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
It is also recommended that you read Critical Chain

US$4,000 per seat

2017 Open Dates in Milford, CT USA
March 6-10 - FULL
May 8-12
July 17-21 - FULL
September 18-22 - FULL
November 13-17 - FULL
December 4-8 - FULL

2018 Open Dates in Milford, CT USA
March 26-30
May 7-11
July 16-22
September 17-21
December 3-7

2017 Open Dates in Penang MALAYSIA
For more information or to register for classes in Malaysia, email
March 20-24
May 22-26
July 24-28
September 25-29
November 20-24

2018 Open Dates in Penang MALAYSIA
For more information or to register for classes in Malaysia, email
January 15-19
April 16-20
July 16-20
October 15-19

Please Note: The Jonah Program®, as well as any of our workshops, can also be held in a dedicated format at a client location or ours. Please contact us at for more information.

The Jonah Program® can be taken in a one week block (as listed above), or by taking the Hanging Fire Expanded Workshop, followed within three months by the Executive Decision Making Workshop.


Cancellation Policy
Our workshops are designed to cater to a limited number of participants. If you must cancel a workshop registration, you will be given a full refund up to two weeks before the workshop. A cancellation occurring within two weeks of the workshop will be subject to a US$600 cancellation fee, unless participant reschedules at that time into another workshop. Attendee substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of the workshop. To cancel a workshop registration, please call AGI at 203.624.9026.