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SUPPLY CHAIN Suite enables "Demand-Driven Performance" throughout the entire supply chain, from point-of-sale through vendor delivery

Time is money...the faster and more timely your delivery, the more opportunity for profit with less inventory, capacity, overtime and other expenses.

Time is precious...yet our information systems provide more data than they do immediately actionable information.

Time is focus...knowing where things are in relation to where they ought to be provides clarity, synchronization, and focus for the entire organization. Consider the possibilities of a new approach:

  • ANALYZE provides an “All-in-one picture” of time to supply, expected demand, risk (out-of-stocks), and investment (inventory levels); enabling "Demand-Driven Inventory Performance".
  • MANAGE provides a “ONE number priority system” for all in process work, that automatically adjusts work flow priority in response to delays and out-of-stock conditions, so everyone can work on the right things, in the right order to deliver on-time; enabling "Demand-Driven Operational Performance".

Hear how our clients have been able to provide better customer service with less dollars invested in inventory by using ANALYZE to set inventory levels and MANAGE to ensure on-time delivery. (02:35)