How well do you know The GOAL?

The answers to The GOAL Quiz #1 are in bold italics...

1. The name of the resource that is identified in Alex's plant as Herbie #1 is:
a. NCX-10
b. Heat Treat
c. Zmegma
d. Milling machines

2. Two ways that Alex and his supervisors used to find Herbie:
a. Measured (1) how long each operation took, & (2) how long everything waited in queue
b. Analyzed (1) all Bills of Material, & (2) all Routing Structures
c. (1) Looked for the biggest pile of WIP, & (2) Spoke to expeditors about the source of the parts they were always waiting for
d. Calculated (1) average capacity, & (2) average demand

3. What was identified as Herbie #2?
a. NCX-10
b. Heat Treat
c. Zmegma
d. Milling machines

4. After pondering Jonah's question, Alex determined that the Goal of a manufacturing plant is to:
a. Produce high quality products
b. Save money
c. Provide great customer service
d. Make money

5. What are the three measurements that Jonah claimed "expressed the goal...but which also permit you to develop operational rules for running your plant."
a. Sales, Expenses, and Overhead
b. Throughput, Inventory, and Operational Expense
c. Budget, Efficiencies, and Forecast
d. Scope, Schedule, and Performance

6. Jonah defined Throughput as:
a. The quantity or amount of product produced daily
b. The ratio of Actual Sales to Forecasted Sales
c. The rate at which the system generates money through Sales
d. The bottom line


How did you do? Ready to try Quiz #2?