How well do you know The GOAL?

The answers to The GOAL Quiz #2 are in bold italics...

1. According to Jonah, productivity is defined as what?
a. Every product that can be produced and actually is produced is productive
b. Everyone staying busy is productive
c. Every resource working on anything is productive
d. Every action that brings a company closer to its Goal is productive

2. Jonah stated that, "A plant in which everyone is working all the time is very _____."
a. Inefficient
b. Efficient
c. Productive
d. Balanced

3. What "two phenomena" did Jonah say is found in every plant?
a. Resources and Materials
b. Productive Resources and Non-Productive Resources
c. Dependent Events and Statistical Fluctuations
d. Vendor Problems and Quality Problems

4. According to Jonah, every plant has two types of resources. They are:
a. Productive Resources and Non-Productive Resources
b. Bottlenecks and Non-Bottlenecks
c. Machines and Manpower
d. Money and Machines

5. Jonah's definition of a bottleneck resource is:
a. Any resource that is busy
b. Any resource that has a lot of demand
c. Any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed on it
d. Any resource that has more capacity than demand

6. When talking about material flow through a plant, Jonah would say:
a. "Balance flow with demand from the market - not capacity."
b. "Balance capacity - then try to balance flow."
c. "Balance market demand."
d. "Balance capacity - then balance demand."


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