You've read The GOAL once, twice, maybe 10 times. But, how well do you know The GOAL? Test your knowledge here, in the third of several quizzes.  Submit the form for the answers.

13. What type of resource determines the effective capacity of the plant? *
14. Jonah told Alex that there are two ways that the ideas that he is giving him won't work. What are they? *
15. Jonah's question to Alex when they first toured the plant and viewed Herbie #1 was: *
16. How many rules express the relationship between bottlenecks and non-bottlenecks? *
17. Two of the following are principle themes to optimize the use of bottlenecks. They are: *
18. After employing the Red Tag/Green Tag system, Stacey reported that, "The bottlenecks have spread." Consulting with Jonah, the cause was determined to be: *
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