How well do you know The GOAL?

You've read The GOAL once, twice, maybe 10 times. But, how well do you know The GOAL? Test your knowledge here, in the last of four quizzes.  Submit the form for the answers.

19. The majority of the time a part is in the plant is spent in two of the four categories. They are _____ & _____. *
20. Jonah said, "An hour lost on a bottleneck is an hour lost for the entire system." The corresponding rule for a non-bottleneck is: *
21. The first step of the "process of on-going improvement" that was ultimately developed by Alex and his team is: *
22. In a discussion between Lou and Alex, they concluded that the more complex the organization, ... *
23. Which statement is correct? *
24. When Alex and his team executed the step "SUBORDINATE everything else to the above decision," they: *
25. Assume the following: "X" is a bottleneck resource, and "Y" is a non-bottleneck resource, we have one of each and both have the capacity to run 600 hours per month. To keep flow balanced with demand, all 600 hours of "X" is required. Only 75% (450 hours) of the available time for "Y" is required to keep flow balanced with demand. If product flow goes from "Y" to "X" in the production process, how many hours should "Y" produce a month? (Flow Y➞X) *
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