The answers to HANGING FIRE Quiz #3 are in bold italics...

13. A "system constraint" is:
a. A very long task in a project
b. Shared resource time
c. Anticipated variation for that task
d. Anticipated delay task

14. "Gating" in an organization with multiple projects refers to:
a. Limiting the number of resources available to a project
b. Making sure that only one project is active at a time
c. Staggering the start times of projects
d. Starting every project as soon as possible

15. According to Sarah, ODSC in Project Management refers to:
a. The process of aggregating safety to protect the project due date
b. The process of defining the start and end times for a project
c. The process of determining the resourcing in a project
d. The process of defining the characteristics of a project and what it is trying to accomplish

16. A project buffer serves to protect:
a. The project as a whole
b. One project from another project
c. The Critical Chain from Feeding Chain
d. Resources being available when required

17. What determines the total time length of a project?
a. The Critical Chain and its Project Buffer
b. The Critical Chain, its Project Buffer, and the tributary task chains feeding it
c. The Critical Chain and the Feeding Buffers
d. The Critical Chain without Buffers

18. In Critical Chain scheduling, "aggregated time buffers" are placed:
a. In every task on the Critical Chain Schedule
b. Only in tasks that are critical on the Critical Chain Schedule
c. At strategic points in the Critical Chain Schedule
d. Where the difference between HP and ABP is the largest