How did you do on the previous HANGING FIRE quizzes?  Test your knowledge again in the final quiz.  Submit the form for the answers.

19. There are three guidelines that Sarah mentiones when describing how to decide on a good resource synchronizer for multi-project organizations. Which of the following is NOT one of the suggestions? *
20. In conventional scheduling, safety time is typically: *
21. If an aggressive-but-possible task time cannot be met in a properly buffered Critical Chain schedule, the result is: *
22. Which of the following statements is NOT correct regarding Critical Chain scheduling and Critical Path scheduling? *
23. The three basic high level steps to building a Critical Chain schedule are (1) Build the Project Network (Template), (2) Determine the lead time by applying the Project Network to a calendar, and (3) __________ *
24. If a Feeding Buffer gets entirely consumed (used up) before the series of tasks feeding it are completed, the result is: *
25. When a buffer changes status from Green to Yellow, it's time for: *
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