Understand how proper alignment of actions in planning, scheduling, and management control significantly improve the ability to deliver projects/products on-time, in-scope, and in-budget

The similarities between managing projects and managing production or logistics far exceed the differences. The Hanging Fire Expanded Workshop adds a third day to the two-day Hanging Fire Workshop to show how to apply the same fundamental ideas underlying TOC Critical Chain Portfolio Management (CCPM) to workflows that are managed more like production or inventory management.

The objective of the Hanging Fire Expanded Workshop is to help leaders understand how almost subtle changes in their thinking and approach to production and inventory management can result in a transformation in results.

It has been designed for individuals and leadership teams that, in addition to desiring to learn about CCPM, also want to gain a better understanding of TOC Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) and Replenishment, and how they work together to deliver products faster, more reliably, on-time, and with lower costs and fewer constraints.

The workshop is a mixture of lecture, discussion, and simulation. On the third day, production and inventory management as operational strategies designed and executed to achieve an overall business strategy will be examined.

Managing workflows as “production” is an alternative to managing workflows as “projects.” We will discuss these differences as well as the differences between TOC DBR and Replenishment and other production and inventory management approaches. We will look into the process of formulating, deploying, and maintaining control of production and replenishment schedules within both production and supply chain environments, aimed at delivering products on-time, with faster and more reliable lead times, lower costs, and with fewer constraints.

Production and supply chain simulations will be utilized to help attendees better understand and internalize the concepts of using either a Resource or product Demand as the “Drum” to schedule and synchronize workflow across multiple products with level loads on shared resources. How to gate the start or release of new work orders, using Aggressive But Possible and Highly Probable queue time estimates to make workflow variability visible, and the behaviors required (“Road Runner”) to ensure that protective capacity is not wasted will be taught. Attendees will see how repositioning aggregated queue time estimates into appropriately positioned and sized Drum and Shipping Buffers will allow for forward projecting expected Buffer consumption. An understanding of how this process enables the proper prioritization of work orders and proactive initiation of corrective actions in order to meet due dates will be achieved.


Who Should Attend

Senior leaders and leaders from all business functions whose primary business is production-managed and/or inventory-managed, such as:

  • Production, Manufacturing, Repair or Logistics (whether Make-to-Order or Make-to-Stock
  • Wholesale, Retail, or Supply Chain

Senior leaders and leaders whose functional area of responsibility supports or enables production-managed and/or inventory-managed business, such as:

  • Finance, Sales, Marketing, Product Design (Engineering), Maintenance, Procurement (Purchasing), Continuous Improvement, or IT/IS

Anyone working in Finance or IT/IS whose responsibilities include Decision Support Requirements definition and/or programming oversight

Required Reading
Hanging Fire: Achieving Predictable Results in an Uncertain World
The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
It is also recommended that you read Critical Chain

US$2,400 per seat

2018 Open Dates in Milford CT USA
March 26-28 - FULL
May 7-9
July 16-18
September 17-19
December 3-5

2018 Open Dates in Penang MALAYSIA
For more information or to register for classes in Malaysia, email international@goldratt.com.
January 15-17
April 16-18
July 16-18
October 15-17

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