The answers to HANGING FIRE Quiz #1 are in bold italics...

1. According to Rolly Dorn, there are three balls that Sizzle Food Development could not drop. They were (1) Clients that they served, (2) Retaining Human Resources, and (3) __________ :
a. The need for new facilities
b. The development of new products
c. Sacrifice the future for the present
d. Market presence

2. The term "hang fire" refers to three of the following. Choose the one NOT denoted in the book:
a. To delay or to be slow in the execution of some action
b. Bills that had to be acted upon before the end of a congressional session
c. When a firearm fails to fire, but has not clearly malfunctioned
d. Projects that are in trouble or close to it

3. Which of the following are NOT one of Rolly Dorn's three "rules of thumb" in his Project Management philosophy?
a. Keep everything moving
b. Make sure there's plenty of safety at every task
c. Pay close attention to anything that is "Hanging Fire"
d. Hit the ground running - start everything as soon as possible

4. In conversation while waiting for the ferry to Crab Island, Diana and Sarah discuss the issues they both have to deal with in projects, including all but one of the following. Choose the one NOT discussed:
a. Shared resources
b. Dependency
c. Task Completion Criteria
d. Multiple Projects
e. Interdependency
f. Variation

5. Sarah describes "necessity logic" as:
a. If you take an action, you will necessarily get a result
b. If you feel a task is necessary, make sure you include it in your plan
c. In order for a desired result to occur, certain necessary tasks must be accomplished
d. In order for a necessary task to be accomplished, someone must know how to accomplish it

6. White, Pink, and Blue tickets for the ferry return to the airport was actually a method of:
a. Gating
b. Buffer Management
c. Aggregating Safety
d. Removing Safety