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TOC Thoughts: Dr. W. Edwards Deming

In his book The New Economics For Industry, Government, Education (2nd Ed.), the great quality thinker, Dr. W. Edwards Deming reinforced his belief that what he referred to as A System of Profound Knowledge "comprises an outside view essential to the management of a system". Chapter 4 begins with the following aim: "The prevailing style of management must undergo transformation. A system can not understand itself. The transformation requires a view from outside. The aim of this chapter is to provide an outside view - a lens - that I call a system of profound knowledge. It provides a map of theory by which to understand the organizations that we work in."

Dr. Deming's
"Outside View"

"The layout of profound knowledge appears here in four parts, all related to each other:
  • Appreciation for a system
  • Knowledge about variation
  • Theory of knowledge
  • Psychology"
Dr. Deming continues the chapter by discussing, in-depth, the critical issues of understanding systems, interdependence, variation and the importance of theory.

The TOC View

An organization is a system, governed by cause and effect, where performance is determined by:
  • Organizational processes that are interdependent, not independent
  • Know-how and know-why in the form of policies, measures, and information exchange that guide decision-making, resulting in actions that ultimately lead to outcomes - through cause and effect.

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Understanding THE GOAL: The best-seller by Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox

Explore the method that Jonah, a college physics professor, was Socratically conveying to plant manager Alex Rogo to help him save his plant.

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