Explore the method that Jonah, a college physics professor, was Socratically conveying to plant manager Alex Rogo to help him save his plant.

TOC for Inventory Management Overview
Improving availability, reducing out-of-stocks and increasing inventory turns with properly located and sized inventory buffers.

TOC for Inventory Management - Buffer Sizing Exercise
A working example of the TOC Inventory Management Solution, where properly located and sized inventory buffers are managed using TOC Replenishment Principles to provide a closed loop inventory management process that can reduce out-of-stock conditions, while improving inventory turns.

Work Flow Prioritization - Cost-Effective On-Time Delivery Performance
Using properly located and sized time buffers to create work flow visibility and prioritization, in order to provide for a more cost-effective use of capacity to deliver on-time.

Provide better customer service with less dollars invested in inventory by using ANALYZE to set inventory levels and MANAGE to ensure on-time delivery.

Nike increased inventory turns from 2.3 per year to more than 9 by implementing AGI - Goldratt Institute's Supply Chain Solutions.

Throughput Accounting
Representatives from several companies discuss their use of Throughput Accounting. "It's been an incredible turnaround for us! Our year over year financials, our net income level are just amazing for what happened this year versus last year by using Throughput Accounting instead of Cost Accounting."

Corning Display Technologies
Corning Display Technologies reduced inventory by 60% and increased sales volume by 10% by implementing AGI - Goldratt Institute's Supply Chain Solutions. A representative from Corning discusses their success in this clip from their Velocity World® 2008 presentation.

Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver Using the Theory of Constraints
An interview between AGI's Dale Houle and SupplyChainBrain on the topic of Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver Using the Theory of Constraints.

Liquidnet Holdings Inc - Part 1 - Paige Nesis presenting on the TOC Thinking Processes
Paige Nesis of Liquidnet Holdings Inc, an institutional brokerage firm, discusses taking the Jonah Program® at AGI, and how Liquidnet's four newly-certified Jonahs embarked on a mission to change the way the company planned, prioritized, and executed projects using the TOC Thinking Processes.

This is the first part of the presentation, Ready Fire Aim, given at AGI's Velocity World® Conference.

Jason Coslow of Republic Industries International commenting on implemening TOC
During a break at AGI's Velocity World® 2011 conference, Jason Coslow, of Republic Industries International sat down to talk about what AGI and TOC has meant to his family-run manufacturing business.

David Wheeler of the Cleveland Clinic discussing the application of TOC at their Human Lung Lab
At the 2011 Velocity World® Conference, David Wheeler of the Cleveland Clinic presented his early success and the benefits The Human Lung Lab is realizing due to the structure and planning provided by the TOC Thinking Processes.

While at the conference, David gave this interview.

TOC Project Management at Kimly Construction Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Kimly Construction Pte Ltd is one of the most established construction companies in Singapore. Kimly is constructing four private condominium projects, each with a duration of three years. In this clip, Roy Khoo, Director, and others from Kimly discuss using TOC Project Management and benefits they've realized to date.

Reflectone: Part 1 - Taking Off with TOC - This is No Simulation

Eli Lilly & Company: Critical Chain Project Management - It’s All About the Journey

Reflectone: Part 2 - Taking Off with TOC - This is No Simulation

ITT Exelis: TOC CCPM in an Engineering World