Some 30 years ago, Dr. Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox teamed to write a "business novel" entitled The Goal. Now with Hanging Fire, Jeff Cox has once again teamed with the Goldratt Institute to show how the Theory of Constraints (TOC) has evolved and advanced over time. Above all, and similar to The Goal, this book is focused on achieving business success in a world of uncertainty.

Hanging Fire postulates a project-based business with multiple projects underway at any given time. But the same underlying principles presented in this project business can be applied to any environment where the combination of dependencies, interdependencies and variability leads to less-than-desirable outcomes. The major theme in Hanging Fire is creating reliable speed to market - developing new products and services expeditiously, getting them to the market rapidly, and have them generating revenue as soon as possible.

Reader Reviews

Ann J. Wood, Theory of Constraints Jonah's Jonah:
As a career professional and mother of two young children, "Hanging Fire" really resonated with me as it keys in on the real-world challenges associated with multitasking, competing and changing priorities, resource sharing and conflict resolution. Dale, Hugh and Jeff have done an excellent job of writing an engaging storyline while incorporation a TOC-based solution set to effectively deal with multiple projects and priorities in our ostensibly chaotic lives.

John F. Bade, Program Manager, The Boeing Company:
"Hanging Fire" is a book that's applicable to anyone in any organization! A splendid sequel to "The Goal", this book takes thinking about Project Management to a different level. Intertwined into a novel, the storyline deals with very real situations for most companies and organizations - multiple priorities, competing agendas and the reality that - often - what can go wrong, will!


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