Bal Seal Engineering Company

  • Doubled net profit
  • Reduced inventory 50%
  • Eliminated overtime

Boeing's Printed Circuit Board Center

  • Reduced scrap by 90%
  • Reduced lead-times by 75%
  • Increased output by 75%

formerly Reflectone, then BAE Systems Flight Simulation & Training

  • Reduced cycle times by 2-4 months (and improving)
  • $37 million increase in the number of profitable programs
  • Saved more than $4 million in the first year alone
  • Avoided doubling manufacturing staff (70-140)
  • Reduced per project carrying costs by $400K
  • Recovered major customer - additional $12 million contract

CM Products

  • Decreased finished goods inventory by $400,000
  • Reduced operating expenses by $900,000

Corning Display Technologies

  • Reduced inventory by 60%
  • Increased sales volume by 10%
  • See their story. (03:31)


  • Decreased inventory by an average of 5-15%
  • Distributors achieved 5-20% increase in sales

F22 Project Raptor: Boeing and Lockheed Martin

  • Boeing
    Unprecedented performance - on schedule, under budget. Reduced required wing assembly time by 50%
  • Lockheed Martin
    Cut final aircraft full finishes time by 57%, without reducing scope

GM Powertrain

  • British engine plant increased production by 36%
  • Metal casting system uptime increased 25% (and still improving)
  • Transmission case machining uptime increased by 40%

Gunze - Apparel & Hosiery Division

  • Reduced WIP >40% in nine months (Apparel) and >15% in 13 months (Hosiery)
  • Decreased lead-times by four days in both divisions
  • Reduced 'out-of-stock' by >50% (Apparel), >70% (Hosiery)
  • Reduced customer returns by >50%

Gunze - ELMA (Electronics Division)

  • Achieved planned results more than two years ahead of schedule
  • Reduced lead-times (three plants combined) from 21 to four days
  • Reduced inventory by 80%
  • Improved due date performance by 12%

Harris Semiconductor

  • Grew by 40% when industry standard was 10-20%
  • Plant improved from zero profit to generate 80% of division's & 20% of company's profit
  • Increased from two to seven cycle turns per year (industry standard was four)
  • Constructed new manufacturing facility and began high-tech full production in 13 months, instead of 54-month standard

Israeli Air Force

  • Reduced F-16 airframe and structure upgrade time from eight to five months, saved $5 million
  • Supply chain parts distribution improved 28% at no additional cost
  • Reduced wait time at electronics depot bottleneck from three months to two-to-three weeks

ITT Industries Night Vision

  • Successfully applied TOC to open new commercial market when previous experience was only military sales
  • Doubled sales in three years


Lucent Technologies   
Benefits achieved with no increase in resources:

  • More than tripled development project capacity (5 to 17)
  • Reduced new product introduction intervals by 50%
  • 100% of projects completed ahead of schedule
  • Improved revenue by 30% - multi-million dollar profit improvement

National University Hospital - Singapore

  • Improved patient admission times by more than 50% (from 6-8 hour average to <3 hours); 63% of patients are admitted in less than 1.5 hours


  • Reduced warehouse inventory by 20%
  • Increased gross margin by $300,000
  • Achieved 40% increase in sales during peak season
  • Within four months, inventory turns went from 2.3 to 7.0
  • Reduced warehousing costs by over $2 million per year
  • See their story. (02:46)

Oregon Freeze Dry

  • In four months, reduced finished goods inventory by 21%
  • Increased on-time deliveries from 97% to 100%
  • Reduced 'make-to-order' lead times by more than 50%

Pratt & Whitney

  • Completed additional three months work without expediting or increasing costs
  • Completed three of four projects on schedule and under budget; fourth project failed to respect TOC-planned task dependencies and suffered delay and budget overrun
  • Employee survey showed improved task focus and reduced multitasking in only five months
  • Completed 45% of tasks in less than half of originally projected task durations

Republic Industries

Seagate Technology

  • Launched high-tech product five weeks ahead of schedule
  • Generated additional incremental revenue of $11 million with $5 million in additional profit

TIMCO Aviation Services

  • Improved on-time aircraft deliveries from 44% to 77%
  • Reduced number of service days required by 8%

US Naval Aviation Enterprise AIRSpeed (US Navy & Marine Corps)

  • Sustained $340 million cost avoidance in engine inventory

Pacific Region Site (Hawaii, USA)

  • Decreased by 66% required inventory of engines
  • Reduced by 24% replenish time for main tires
  • Saved $1.25 million in first year

South-West Region Site (California, USA)

  • Reduced engine repair times: 78 days to 8 days
  • Decreased component lead times by 33% for airframes & 15% for avionics
  • Eliminated more than 5,300 overtime hours/year (overtime was the norm for 7+ years)

Mid-Atlantic Region Site (Virginia, USA)

  • Reduced repair times in 90% of work-centers
  • Achieved $1.3 million in actual savings
  • Identified $5.1 million additional savings

Overseas Operations Site (Iraq)

  • Improved aircraft-on-ground (AOG) supply chain effectiveness to forward sites from 45% to 98%